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Retirement, exit or new partners

We are actively looking to acquire or invest in businesses in the following sectors:
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Digital & creative

Although the UK is the fastest-growing market for digital, creative and advertising businesses, margins are being squeezed by the major players. Owners are now looking to realise the value in their businesses before it is too late.

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web design & development

The UK technology sector is growing more than two-and-a-half times faster than the overall economy, with London ranked as the 2nd most connected place behind Silicon Valley. Major challenges in this sector include market penetration and effective scale-up planning.

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Hosting & maintainence

The hosting sector is set to grow and expand over the next 5 years, however concerns over Brexit have dampened the investment mood slight. Owners must act quickly to realise the true value in their company before 2019 rolls around.

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recruitment (Digital)

The recruitment sector continues to thrive, especially in the marketing, creative and digital verticals. Many owners are choosing the upwards curve as the time to explore a business exit.

We seek to build world-class businesses that offer best investment return. We support businesses from across a wide range of industry sectors. We work with early stage, rapid growth and mature businesses seeking significant growth and expansion.

Investing for growth

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Looking for an exit? Seeking support to scale-up?

Mammoth Marketing Group operates in the UK and Europe, acquiring and investing in profitable, stressed and struggling businesses. We work with business owners who are looking to retire, exit the sector altogether or who are looking to take on a new partner to scale-up and grow. Our starting point is always to understand the growth plans for the business and the barriers to achieving these goals. As investors and strategic advisors we can help with the key challenges of: - Securing Seed and Series A/B funding - Introducing Angel and Private Equity funding partners - High growth and strategic growth planning - Relationship building and introductions - Succession and exit planning - Mentoring of the leadership team - Growth and scale-up strategies. In addition, Mammoth delivers training and consultancy focussing on scale-up strategies, creating value from an exit, strategic marketing and growth through acquisition.

leadership TEAM

Experts in building successful and profitable agencies


Investment Director
Particular focus on digital, technology, recruitment and facilities businesses. Working with business owners who are looking for a fast exit or who are seeking funding to scale-up.

Tracey Curphey

Finance Director
Responsible for all financial operations at Mammoth Marketing Group with a focus on implementing financial and legal systems with our investment businesses. Focused on creating value in the organisations systems.

joanne vickers

Operations Manager
Responsible for all operations at Mammoth Ventures with a focus on creating and implementing value in the organisations systems.
Our partners and investee businesses

We offer expertise across several different fund types / structures from public, private and public/private funds. We have significant experience in managing equity, venture debt and mezzanine finance across all business sectors. A hands-on approach to working with our portfolio companies and investors. We help them to identify the best opportunities, invest in them and guide them to a final exit. Support for entrepreneurs, at the time they need it and in ways that enable them to flourish.


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